Chrome Notifications

to enhance user experience

Deliver alerts straight to the desktop of the user, eliminates the need to open a browser window, and make them more handy and unobtrusive.

Chrome Notifications

Chrome’s Push Notifications

Push various updates to a corner of your screen at any time.

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notification scheduling

Notification Scheduling

Using automation is a must in any marketing communication channel, and push notifications are no different. Push notifications in Chrome help you to schedule your push campaigns to send timely updates to your users.

time-bound notification

Time-bound Notification

Display your push messages even if your website is not open, you can send time-bound and urgent alerts to your users on the Chrome browser.

segmentation and customizations

Segmentation and Customizations

Collect user data and target them better by sending relevant messages. Chrome Notifications also let you understand the user behavior and purchase history to help you to segment your users accordingly.

What is Chrome Notifications?

Chrome Notifications are notifications that websites, apps, and extensions that you have installed send to you and display on your computer's screen. They might contain notifications about fresh messages, approaching occasions, reminders, or limited-time deals. They may also contain alerts from Google products like Gmail or YouTube.

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