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Drive user engagement, retention, and reactivation with highly personalized web push notifications, smart segments, and data-driven user insights.

Supercharge Your Customer Engagement

  • Drive subscriber growth with personalized messages.

  • Schedule and automate your messages to boost engagement.

  • Resonate with your subscribers' preferences and segments.

  • Turn information into actionable analytics.

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Personalized Notifications

Get your users attention by sending customizable and personalized push notifications with their name, home city, previous purchase history, products in cart and other relevant custom content.

personalized notifications
personalized notifications

Personalized Notifications

Create personalized messages to engage with subscribers and be on top their minds always.

welcome messages

Welcome Messages

Create a welcome message with the available templates and engage your visitors whenever they arrive on landing pages.

opt-in messages

Opt-in Messages

Share opt-in messagesto get visitor consent and gather contact details.

live preview

Live Preview

Test how the message will look like before pushing it to your subscribers.

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Behavioral Segmentation

With proper behavioral segmentation, your recipients will get push notifications that are highly relevant to them based on their actions.

behavioral segmentation
location-based segmentation

Location-based Segmentation

Geographic segmentation divides your audience by location. Determine their needs and cultural characteristics for better marketing of your brand.

platform-based segmentation

Platform-based Segmentation

Segment your visitors based on what device or browser they are using to build engagement strategy accordingly.



Get information on your subscribers' demographics to run campaigns accordingly.

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Customer Engagement

Use advanced customer engagement features to increase user experience and make your visitors stay on your website to reduce bounce and improve engagement.

customer engagement
re-target and re-engage

Re-target and Re-engage

Re-target subscribers and re-engage them to drive traffic and increase engagement.

multi-device support

Multi-device Support

Send messages on both mobile and desktop browsers at the same time without and creating one message only.

multiple websites & users

Multiple Websites & Users

Add multiple websites and users. Manage from one dashboard.

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Custom Notifications

Completely customize your web push notifications directly within Pushninja.com to create a relatable, personalized user experience, evoke better responses, boost engagement, and create brand-loyal customers.

custom notifications
web push automation

Web Push Automation

Analyze user behavior to send the right message at the appropriate time.

call-to-action button

Call-to-action Button

Raise your conversion rates with the CTA button. Make your CTA impossible to miss with high-converting text and redirect your users to a landing page.

image rich notifications

Image Rich Notifications

Increase your brand visibility with large contextual image web push notifications and attract your customers attention with visual content.

notification preview

Notification Preview

Preview how the notifications would appear on the audience screen before sending them.

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Drip Campaigns

Send your subscribers a series of pre-scheduled or action-triggered messages over time to nudge them to take a specific user journey, create memorable user experiences, and automate personalized engagement at scale.

drip campaigns
visual designer

Visual Designer

Create advanced workflows with drag and drop editor.

schedule push messages

Schedule Push Messages

Schedule push messages according to your prefered time to send messages at the right time.

automatic notifications

Automatic Notifications

Implement automation to send automated notifications to your subscribers

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Advanced Analytics

With advanced push notification analytics, you’ll get more out of your notification data in order to make better business decisions and drive traffic.

advanced analytics
in-depth analytics

In-Depth Analytics

Get detailed information how your push messages are performing and make changes accordingly.

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