Visual Flows

to automated message actions

Create and edit behavior-based message flows. A drag-and-drop tool creates message sequences that automatically deliver push notifications to every customer based on their actions and attributes.

Visual Flows

Engage Faster with Automated Visual Flows

Automate your push notifications using a visual workflow builder to engage with more and more website visitors in less time.

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set triggers

Set Triggers

Set notifications that don't require a network connection, such as location-based notification triggers that remind users of upcoming events and time-based notification triggers to let their users schedule alarm.

set timer

Set Timer

Set your notifications to be sent at specific times. Allows you to establish time-based notifications that will be sent to your subscribers at the time you specify. Send your notifications at regular intervals, such as every two hours, daily, weekly, or monthly, to keep your subscribers up to date on the newest developments on your website.

rest time

Rest Time

Automate notifications based on time and have the option to choose when your notification will repeat, choosing either daily, weekly, or monthly. It is to let your subscribers get back on to your website and boost the click-through rate.

What are Visual Flows?

All messages, actions, and transitions between them are visually edited with Visual Flow. It allows you to see the entire dialogue without having to move between individual messages. You can visualize the logic of your messages by looking at your Flow as a map of messages, actions, and other blocks.Learn more about What are Visual Flows?

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