Advanced Analytics

to measure customer's actions

Engage users by leveraging user-level data where users interact with different messages. Knowing which devices receive notifications helps you determine how users engage with your content.

Advanced Analytics

Increase Conversion with Advanced Analytics

Get all the data you would want to know at a macro level by looking at click-through rates in the dashboard or via the API.

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in-depth analytics

In-Depth Analytics

Create deeper customer relationships with incredible insights into user engagement. Turn your visitors into customers by analyzing their on-site behavior and much more.

click through rate

Click Through Rate

Count the users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email, or advertisement. It is used to measure the success and effectiveness of email campaigns.

peak activity

Peak Activity

Identify the point at which your message is at its strongest, and highest audiences. This helps gain more new subscribers by targeting the visitors of your site.

real-time clicks

Real-Time Clicks

Allow you to keep track of activity on your website or app in real-time. You can view how many users are currently on your site, which pages or events they engaged in.

user statistics

User Statistics

Provide valuable information about the website usage and you can view user activities and determine trends. It Identifies sources of the load which users to understand the website activity better.

What is Advanced Analytics?

Advanced analytics is a broad and encompassing word that refers to any type of in-depth data analysis that extends beyond ordinary reporting and analysis. It may assist businesses in bettering their decision-making processes by recognizing risks, forecasting trends, and optimizing growth prospects, and it can be used to make predictions, provide suggestions, and do other jobs.Learn more about What is Advanced Analytics?

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