Drip Marketing

to re-establish contact with the audience

Build relationships by providing prospects with personalized, timely and relevant content at every stage of the sales funnel to nurture relationships by providing helpful information to prospects, such as tips and advice, that help to guide them through the buying process.

Drip Marketing

Create Drip Marketing Campaigns for Push Notifications

Allows marketers to create automated messages that are sent to users at a set time or when specific conditions are met. This is an effective way to deliver timely, personalized content to users with high relevance and engagement. Additionally, marketers can use drip campaigns to create automated onboarding messages, post-purchase follow-ups, reminders, and more.

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campaign strategies

Campaign Strategies

Manage your communications and plan them ahead of time to draw in clients, expand your audience, and build rapport with them.

actions in real-time

Actions in Real-time

Keep track of how your audience engages with you and accumulating information that will result in conclusions that are both obvious and pertinent to the interests of your target audience.

automated alerts

Automated Alerts

Determine the delivery time for your messages, and you should make sure that they reach them even if they are not online.

What is Drip Marketing?

Drip marketing gradually increase the frequency and reach of promotional messages. The drip campaign tool automates delivering messages at predefined intervals, identifying users who are interested in your services, and segmenting contacts based on how they responded to the initial approach.

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