Personalized Notifications

to increase engagements

Deliver high relevant content and drive more traffic, sales and revenue by creating unique messages that are tailored based on your users’ needs.

Personalized Notifications

Make Personalized Notifications a Conversation

Craft unique messages based on your users' details, location, behavior, and interests.

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add welcome message

Add Welcome Message

Establish a strong connection to customers with warm and appealing welcome messages which encourage them to take any action that benefits the business.

custom pop-ups

Custom Pop-ups

Contain custom text, a list of fields, charts, or images that may increase audiences and boost conversion rates. It displays products information to acquire customers' attention.

custom fields

Custom Fields

Collect information about your contacts during sign-up and gather more data, such as names and email addresses that help you to better segment contacts and send highly targeted emails that drive engagement.

add logo and images

Add Logo and Images

Include text, media, and buttons in your push notification based on your users' attributes and behavior, where they’re located, their preferences, and more to target the right people with the right message.

What is Personalized Push Notification?

Push notifications with personalized content are a terrific way to keep your app users engaged. It accomplishes this by giving consumers relevant material depending on their preferences or in-app behaviour. This is extremely valuable when you have a niche app with a small user base. We assist you in customizing the notification to each user's preferences, ensuring that they only receive content they are interested in. Learn more about What is Personalized Push Notification?

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