Drip Campaigns

to re-engage with audience

Send a sequence of web push notifications automatically and make higher click rates and conversions with triggers and drip autoresponder.

Drip Campaigns

Create Drip Campaigns for Push Notifications

Segment audiences according to their interest to maintain your users and update them on the latest trends or news through Automated notifications.

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campaign planning

Campaign Planning

Save a lot of time by managing your messages and scheduling them ahead of time to acquire customers, boost audience and build a relationship with your audience.

real-time responses

Real-Time Responses

Track events and actions within your website resulting from push notifications. This includes tracking the interactions of your audience and collecting information that will give intuitive results and match your users' interests.

automated notifications

Automated Notifications

Send a push notification at a specified time. Set a time to send your messages based on your users’ time zone and ensure to receive them even when they are not online.



Send real-time data from one application to another whenever a given event occurs. Notifies you any time someone checks in, so you’d be able to run any processes that you had in your application once this event is triggered

visual flows

Visual Flows

Create a user journey for your campaign using the nodes in the visual designer. Nodes in the designer have several triggers and actions which will help create unique automated campaigns.

What is Drip Campaign?

The drip campaign is a form of marketing campaign that sends out specialized promotional messages over time, progressively increasing the frequency and reach of the alerts. The drip campaign feature aids in the management of these campaigns by automating some or all aspects, such as sending notifications at predetermined intervals, identifying recipients who are interested in your services, and segmenting your contacts based on how they responded to the initial outreach.Learn more about What is Drip Campaign?

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