Customer retention is an essential part of every business's success. Acquiring high-quality customer communication and engagement tools for your business should be a top priority. Push notifications have a high retention rate and a doubled click-through rate. If used correctly, they will drastically increase content outreach and customer retention. There are two common push notification strategies: advanced analytics and standard push notification. Due to its advanced functionalities and sophistication, we shall be focusing on the advanced analytics push notification strategy.

How to use Advanced Analytics to Grow Your Push Notification Strategy

To use advanced analytics to grow your push notification strategy, you need to locate the notification button. Then click on the analytics and push notification link, which contains a history of all notifications. Decide the notification to view and click on the analytics button to view. The analytics link leads you to the "users" tab, where information will open in full glare, including users who have opened your notification, their countries of residence, and other necessary information. Gain a more detailed insight and breakdown by clicking on the "report" tab, displaying your notification CTR (click-through rate) and other necessary information. This allows you to tailor your push notification based on the provided information on the report and users tab to achieve a high click-through and read rate. It will enable you to determine what engaging and relevant push notifications your prospective customers want to receive.

Use Advanced Analytics

Top 5 Advanced Analytics Tools

From Fortune five hundred tech companies to small-scale enterprises, adopting advanced analytics tools for push notification is increasingly popular. Here are the top 5 advanced analytics tools for the best customer retention and click-through rate.

1. One signal

One signal is one of the finest advanced analytics tools in the industry. It offers a robust app integration to guarantee the utmost flexibility and push notification customization to cater to diverse needs. Its adoption by tech giants including Adobe, Conde, Uber, and Skyscanner is a testament to its superiority. While this tool is free to use, one signal reserves the right to use your data as they deem fit. The only caveat is that they won't be sending target ads to your app users. You will agree that this is a modest price for a free advanced analytic tool. This tool is best suited for online businesses, eCommerce stores, and news publishers.

2. Leanplum

Featuring advanced push notification personalization features, automation tools, and A/B testing, Leanplum is one of the leading advanced analytical tools. It covers a comprehensive spectrum of audience engagement and communication, including app inbox messages, email marketing, and mobile notifications, to mention a few. It offers everything you will ever need to launch a successful lead-generating push notification strategy.

One downside of this analytical tool is its cost-inefficiency. While there is no uniform one size fits all price to enjoy this service, prospective customers are required to contact them for a quote.

3. Urban Airship

Like the Leanplum advanced analytic tool, urban airship features a combination of mobile analytics and push notification. It supports a seamless wallet integration, including Apple passbook and Google wallet. Newbies will find its detailed web editor center, which allows them to review notifications before sending especially useful. Its user categorization option allows users to be categorized based on in-app behavior, preference, local history, and device information, making this tool suitable for A/B testing.

4. Push Woosh

Push Woosh is best suited for startups experimenting with different business models and hoping to grab a significant market share in the coming years. Push Woosh Features multilingual support, remote API, and advanced reporting; this tool supports various platforms, including iOS, Android, and windows. A significant advantage of using this advanced analytic tool is its top-notch scalability.

5. PushBots

This analytics tool is perhaps the most automated in the industry. It is a paid push notification tool offering exciting features, including engagement campaigns, dynamic push notifications, retargeting, etc. If you are looking for the best analytics tool for increased engagement based on select parameters, including geographical location, username, and devices, try PushBots.

Top Advanced Analytical Tools


Successful businesses have mastered the art of customer engagement and retention. It typically includes the perusal and adoption of effective business solutions and advanced analytic tools which support automated engagement based on pre-determined criteria. While some of these tools can be pretty expensive, some are free to use. You should select the top advanced analytic tools listed above.

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