Should I Allow Push Notifications?

Push notifications bring in a lot of value to your business and also keep your customers well informed about the happenings of your company, services, products, and new launches.


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A blink of pop-up on your mobile device now, and then urges you to open it up to see what magic it has brought to you. So, well, how do these push notifications are helpful for your business. So, let's push ourselves into the world of push notifications.

Push notifications bring in a lot of value to your business and also keep your customers well informed about the happenings of your company, services, products, and new launches. So, without wasting your time, let's dig deeper into push notifications and how they are beneficial for your business.

should i allow push notifications

What Are Push Notifications?

In literal terms, when the messages pop up on a mobile device in a heads-up manner are known as push notifications. Usually, these push notifications help deliver relevant information to users in real-time, even when they are not using the website or app. So, let's see what benefits the push notifications bring along for your business.

Benefits of Enabling Push Notifications

  • Real-Time Quick Delivery

With real-time delivery, it helps to get connected with your customers instantly. Any message that is delivered in real-time helps to initiate your customers to take action.

  • Works on all browsers and devices

Not just limited to one or two browsers or devices, push notifications can be sent across various devices and browsers. Hence, you can reach all the audience present on different browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and more with push notifications. Interestingly, Push Notification software like NinjaPush helps you avoid the hassle of investing in integrating push notifications for different devices.

  • Brand Awareness

If your potential customers do not see your unique services or products, how would they know about your brand? So, it is crucial to make them aware of your products and services through notifications. It is a great way to help your customers know about your brand. And push notifications are very helpful in this manner, helping to spread about the brand.

  • Target the Right Customers

With push notifications, you can easily personalize user experience, given they provide access to their locations when push notifications ask them for permission to access their location. Hence, knowing their preferences, you can send notifications to your users according to their interests.

  • High Opt-In Rate

Unlike pop-ups, push notifications never ask for user information to send promotions. It just needs a button click to start the process. Therefore, they have a higher opt-in rate than emails. Hence, it also appeals to users who do not like to share their information. Moreover, they are widely used due to their high conversion rate and have huge popularity.

  • Drives Real-time Traffic

Reaching your target audience in real-time is more powerful and has better reach. Moreover, push notifications have more impact on your brand and are fast and efficient to reach your target customers in real-time.

  • No Special Mobile App Required

One of the benefits of Push Notifications is that you don't need to have any special mobile app for handling push notifications. They work great for both web browsers as well as mobile devices. Hence, you don't have to invest in many development and maintenance costs of setting up separate mobile apps, especially for the purpose.

  • Helpful in Remarketing

Not just for promotional purposes but also for remarketing, push notifications are highly beneficial. For customers who have abandoned their cart, you can use push notifications to remind them about it. No doubt, push notifications work as a quick reminder that helps businesses to be at the forefront of their customers.

  • Improves Customer Service

Along with the various benefits, push notifications also helps in improving your customer care service. Wondering HOW? Well, as they are less irritating and intrusive than other marketing stuff, it helps companies offer the right information and thus helps improve customer services.

Wrapping Up!

Push Notifications are efficient marketing tools, although they are set to be different from other marketing tools. Additionally, it is not just restricted to marketing or promotional purposes only; it is also valuable to send through the brand messages. It helps to spread brand awareness, notify about abandoned products in the cart, product back-in-stock alerts, product updates, etc. Fruitfully, push notifications don't end up in the spam or junk boxes as they directly reach the customers and have a much higher click-through rate. Hence, you can push messages to grow your business and boost your brand awareness by using an efficient marketing strategy.

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