What Does It Mean To Enable Push Notifications?

Push notifications are the short messages that appear as a pop-up on your smartphone screen, desktop browser, or in your device notification center from a mobile app.


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With the new marketing tools surging into the markets, new ways of wooing the customers and gaining their attention are appearing. And among the various marketing tools, push notifications are one of them and are widely used. Undoubtedly, every industry and business domain is opting for push notifications that are custom cut to their targeted audience or customers.

And the most interesting part of the successful campaign is how well push notifications to suffice a particular need and how immediately that brings results. This is one of the most effective drivers for increasing conversion rates among the various drivers. It is quite challenging to drive conversion rates up with social media and other marketing mediums. Whereas when it comes to smartphone notifications, it turns out to be 81% more successful than the other platforms.

Furthermore, organizations have started adopting push notifications with more dynamic context for higher engagement rates than just plain text messages. Hence, push notifications add more value and turn out to be a more effective marketing platform.

So, let’s help you understand this Push Notification.

what does it mean to enable push notifications

Definition of Push Notifications

Push notifications are the short messages that appear as a pop-up on your smartphone screen, desktop browser, or in your device notification center from a mobile app.

Currently, every organization leverages push notifications as a promotional or marketing tool and a communication channel. Hence, giving them more power to connect with their audience instantly and reach in real-time. Moreover, push notifications are a great chance to inform users about the latest news and communicate useful information concerning brand apps, products, services, new features, and more. Let’s see what makes it more important.

Importance of Push Notifications

  • Helps to increase user engagement
  • Provides better outreach
  • Provides security
  • Gives useful insights
  • Affordable communication channel
  • Helps attract user attention
  • Support users
  • Drives in traffic
  • Increases conversion rate
  • Improves communication with users

Following an understanding of the importance of push notifications, it is time to see how to use push notifications for your business.

How To Implement Push Notifications

Push Notifications with PushNinja Software

If you are looking forward to using push notifications to promote your products, services, or spread your brand image, then PushNinja - a Push Notification software is the best option.

To implement the PushNinja - Push Notifications platform for your brand, here are a few simple steps to follow to get everything set up and running.

Sign-up with 500apps.com. Once your user id is created, log in to your account. Navigate to the ‘PushNinja’ tab through the ‘Marketing’ category. Open the PushNinja tab and add your website name and URL in the given tab.

A script will be generated.

Click through and go to the instructions and read on how to embed the code to your website.

You can even email the code to your email address to copy and paste into your website.

Copy the script and paste the script anywhere in your HTML webpage (Preferably at the end of the head tag).

Check the box below to use the system UI pop-up to ask for permission for push notifications.

For customization, you can uncheck the box for further instructions on configuring your website and carrying on with your customization.

Once the website visitor opt-in to the notifications, website activity will be displayed.

You can either use PushNinja’s pre-built pop-up or customize pop-up with personalized messages.

Hence, your PushNinja pop-up is ready to go.

PushNinja software has numerous features and functionalities, which help you reach your customers in real-time and trigger them to take action in your favor.


Understanding the importance of Push Notifications and implementing the push notification software can help your business in a great way to grow and pull in more conversions. With an excellent push notification strategy and marketing campaigns, you can reach a wider audience and increase conversions.

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